Monday, January 28, 2008

Get Warm; Try Loreto Mexico

Tired of cold weather? Consider a fall or winter paddle in the Sea of Cortez, south of California. Loreto, on the east coast of Baja, is serviced by several experienced kayak tour operators and can be reached from the USA via Delta and Alaska Air flights. It still has a small town, undiscovered feel though development is beginning to change that.

Popular trips travel to and from Loreto along the Baja coast or off shore to one of several large islands in the Sea of Cortez. You’ll camp on sandy beaches and see a range of stark, desert like scenery. Water and air temperatures are very comfortable in the fall. From January to spring the water can be too cool for comfortable swimming without a wetsuit and evening air can warrant a light jacket. But, at its worst, it’s balmier and dryer than northern destinations that time of year.

The following services can help you plan your trip:
Sea Kayak Adventures:

Miramar Adventures:

Prefer to use your own kayak? You can do it if you don’t mind the hassle factor. Loreto is over 700 non-freeway miles from San Diego. Once you get there you will be on your own for maps, park permits, finding water sources and all the other things we take for granted in Canada or the USA.

On your own or with a tour you will find the Loreto area a warm, dry alternative to the winter north.

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