Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Canoe the St. Croix River, Maine

David and Judy Harrison, long time paddlers and veterans of such rivers as the Back and Yukon, recently completed a family trip on the St Croix River in Maine. If you click here you can view a slide show of the trip complete with music.

(Be patient. Dave did the program on a Mac, which he swears by, and some PC users will need to download a free version of "Quicktime" to view the show. But it's worth it.)

Here is Dave's description of the trip:

Five days in next-to-last week of May, 2008, daughter Julie and her two kids joined Judy and I for a guided trip on the St Croix River. Fully outfitted, primitive campsites, with whitewater, wildlife, fishing, swimming, and just beautiful floating. A dream-come-true for me to paddle with the grand daughters, Juli and Judy. The kids really grooved on the fishing and seemed non-plussed by the whitewater. Two of the drops we ran were water that Judy and I (with our kids) would have walked in the "old days." But having experienced guides, all but "guaranteeing" a correct line through the drops, gave us the confidence to "proceed onward" -- as Merriweather famously said. Judy did, in fact, choose to walk, readily offering to be the photographer, and a good one, as you will see.

Enjoy their trip.

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